All patients referred to the Hyperbaric Medical Centre by a physician or those who self-refer and are deemed to be appropriate for hyperbaric oxygen therapy undergo an initial consultation by a hyperbaric physician.

The consultation consists of an assessment for an appropriate indication for hyperbaric treatment. A thorough medical history, physical examination and review of results of tests and imaging (if needed) will be performed to determine eligibility prior to the initiation of treatment.

Eligible patients for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, medically fit to undergo the treatment, will have an individualized treatment plan that incorporates length of the each treatment session and number of treatments. A typical treatment session lasts approximately two hours. The number of treatments ranges from 20 to 60 in total, scheduled 5 treatments/week for two to eight weeks.

Before and after each treatment session, your condition will be assessed to monitor the progress. All hyperbaric treatments are conducted by experienced certified hyperbaric technicians and personally supervised by one of our hyperbaric physicians. Our center operates with Sechrist hyperbaric chambers to deliver individual hyperbaric oxygen treatment to each patient.

The Sechrist Hyperbaric Chambers provide the ability for the patient to rest in a reclined or angled position for better comfort. It allows the patient to watch movies, or just listen to music during the treatment sessions. All Sechrist Monoplace Hyperbaric Chambers are equipped with dual speakers to provide optimal listening pleasure.