• 25 JUL 17
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    HBOT hailed a saviour for a little girl!

    Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy was recently recognized in the case of a 2 year old  girl who nearly drowned in the family swimming pool.  The youngster, from Louisiana,  was found unresponsive in the backyard pool.

    Following the incident the patient continued to decline, losing her ability to speak, walk and respond to commands. According to newspaper articles, her brain was actually shrinking.

    Seventy eight days following the incident a decision was made to give hyperbaric oxygen therapy a try.  The little girl was placed in a chamber on a daily basis for 40 treatments.  Incredibly,  each treatment saw improvements in her language and mobility.  She continues to improve while undergoing a few treatments a month.

    In Ontario hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not an approved treatment for traumatic brain injury, there is however,  some evidence to suggest that treating patients as soon after the acquired injury can produce excellent results.  For more information please read the entire article.


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