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    One Year Later: Rouge Valley Hyperbaric Medical Centre Expands to Open Centenary Pain Clinic

    Toronto, ON, November 7, 2016 – One year after opening, Rouge Valley Hyperbaric Medical Centre is pleased to announce the expansion of its clinic to include the Centenary Pain Clinic. In Canada, pain is the most common reason for seeking medical attention, with 1 in 5 Canadians living with some degree of chronic pain1. For many, the daily pain can impact the ability to work and deter from enjoying of life’s joys1.

    “Pain, and specifically chronic pain, is associated with the worst quality of life when it is compared to other chronic diseases,” say Dr. Hance Clarke, Director of the Centenary Pain Clinic and leading Canadian pain management expert. “We are pleased to provide support for those in our community who are managing a variety of conditions, including post-operative pain.”

    The Centre, which is located in the medical arts building associated with Rouge Valley Centenary Hospital, allows the team to work closely with physicians within the Rouge Valley Hospital System and surrounding community. The clinic also features an electronic medical record system that allows for instant access to patients’ medical information and direct communication with allied health care professionals.

    The Centenary Pain Clinic is operating in association with the Rouge Valley Hyperbaric Oxygen Centre, which opened one year ago. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a proven, non-invasive treatment option for a variety of conditions including: delayed radiation injury following cancer treatment, osteomyelitis, complex wounds, acute idiopathic sensorineural hearing loss, at risk grafts and flaps, exceptional blood loss, intracranial abscesses and thermal burns.

    About Centenary Pain Clinic and Rouge Valley Hyperbaric Medical Centre
    The Centenary Pain Clinic and Rouge Valley Hyperbaric Medical Center are located in the main medical building associated with Rouge Valley Centenary Hospital. The team of dedicated medical professionals provides the best possible medical care to patients by applying current evidence to support treatment decisions. Staff physicians are trained anesthesiologists with sub-speciality training in hyperbaric medicine and pain management. Hyperbaric chamber technicians are experienced medical professionals certified by the National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Technology.
    For more information, please contact the clinic at 416-287-0990 or by email: info@hyperbaric.ca.

    Canadian Pain Society. Pain in Canada Fact Sheet. June, 2014.

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