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    A happy patient!

    It’s always wonderful when one of our patients, who was skeptical at first, has such a positive experience and amazing outcome following treatment.  Mr. Perkins responded very quickly to the oxygen and was exceptionally happy after only ten treatments.  He is well on his way to a complete recovery.  To show his appreciation to the team here at RVHMC Mr. “P” presented us with this  beautiful flower arrangement to brighten up our office and took the time to express his gratitude in writing.  Here is his letter.

    Thank you Mr. Perkins!

    To Whom it may concern,

    Far too often people are quick to complain about bad experiences, but few take the time to celebrate the positive ones we have.  I feel my experience with your Team at the Hyperbaric Treatment Centre warrants me taking the time.

    After surgery on my tongue for cancer Dr. Crotin said I don’t like it. We need to get some oxygen on this tongue. I had no idea what he was talking about.

    For the remainder of my stay I was transported to the Hyperbaric Unit. They were WONDERFUL!!!  Scared and not sure what was going to happen I became part of a family. Dr. Clarke and Holly and James made me feel quite at home and comfortable.

    I have noting but praise for all these caretakers and everyone I encountered there. They explained, comforted and let me vent my emotions. My tongue went from a purple , gray black mass to a pink living part of my body again.

    Everyone in this department of the hospital made me feel like I was family and treated me with respect and dignity. I can’t tell you how they have touched my life.

    I wanted to give up but they wouldn’t hear of it. They kept me going and just to see them everyday made me want to come back. I have finished my last treatment. A bit sad I won’t see these wonderful people, but glad it is finished.

    I know all the new patients will receive the same care and special attention that I did. I can’t praise them enough. Thank God for the entire staff at the Hyperbaric Treatment center. They were a God sent.

    I thank them and will think of them often. This is the BEST part of the hospital. Everyone should take lessons from them, you hear me ?

    I will tell everyone about my experience at the Hyperbaric Treatment Center. I THANK YOU…

    My warmest regards,

    David Blaine Perkins


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